23 Different ways to greet someone in English

General greetings -Formal

These greetings can be used in any formal situation, such as a business meeting or meeting someone’s parents, and they can also be used in informal situations as well

  • Hello
  • How are you? or How’re you
  • How are you doing? or How ya doin’
  • ?How is everything
  • ?How’s everything going

General greetings - Informal

  • ?(Hey) What’s up (man/dude/bro/their name)
  • ?Hey) Good to see you)
  • ?(Hey) How are things (with you)
  • ?Hey) How’s it going)

-Greeting a person you haven’t seen for a long time Formal

  • It has been a long time
  • It’s been too long
  • ?What have you been up to all these years
  • .It’s always a pleasure to see you
  • ?How long has it been
  • ?What’s new

- Greeting a person you haven’t seen for a long time Informal

  • Long time no see
  • ?Where have you been hiding
  • It’s been ages since I’ve seen you
  • ?How’ve you been
Source: http://reallifeglobal.com/23-different-ways-greet-someone-english/

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