Keep It Flowing

Keep It Flowing

Ali: My name aaaaaaa is Ali. I am a student aaaaaaaaa at Cairo University. I want to aaaaaaaaaa improve my English bbb aaaaaaa because English aaaaaaaaa has become aaaaaaaa a global language.

You have probably faced this problem while speaking English, pausing and not knowing what to say or thinking about what you should say, so now there is a solution to this issue that will help you keep the conversation flowing no matter what, so how can you avoid being in the situation where you keep pausing and stopping while speaking and be like the picture below?

Use CONVERSATIONAL CONNECTORS! Conversational connectors are words and phrases that we use to keep the conversation flowing without too many pauses and stops. Conversational connectors make you seem more fluent than you actually are. Here are some conversational connectors that you can use whenever you feel hesitated:

·        So yeah
·        You know?
·        Well
·        Well then
·        I mean
·        For example
·        Like
·        So
·        Maybe
·        Anyway
·        As a matter of fact
·        Actually
·        Frankly speaking
·        Understandably
·        To tell the truth
·        I would like you to know that
·        Now and then it seems to me that
·        That is to say
·        That sounds like
·        To be more precise
·        Allow me to say it another way
·        That sounds like
·        In my opinion
·        As you may know
·        As far as I know
·        I have the impression that
·        You never know, but
·        If I am not mistaken
·        And one more thing
·        I must say that
·        More and more
·        I am afraid that
·        Between you and me
·        As far as I am concerned

Thank you J

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