Make Mistakes! Improve your English!

Make Mistakes! Improve your English!

Do you make mistakes and always get disappointed? Do you feel bad when you make a mistake? Have you ever thought about using your mistakes to improve your English? Are they even beneficial?

Making mistakes is a significant part of the learning process. When you make a mistake, you should be happy because this would mean that you are leveling up and improving. That is to say, learning English is like learning to ride a bike; no one has ever learned how to perfectly ride a bike without falling off A LOT. The most important part is that you should be aware of your mistakes and detect them. That is why we have brought to you some of the most common errors occurring by learners.

X I like you’re dress.
    ü I like your dress. 

X You like dance with me?
    ü Would you like to dance with me?

X I have a car red.
    ü I have a red car.

X Every students like this teacher.
    ü Every student likes this teacher.

X I look forward to meet you.
    ü I look forward to meeting you.

X She can to cook.
    ü She can cook.

X Where I can find this?
    ü Where can I find this?

X I live in United States.
    ü I live in the United States.

X I have been doing this since 5 months.
    ü I have been doing this for 5 months.

X He never listens me.
    ü He never listens to me.

X You speak English good.
    ü You speak English well.

X I happy.
    ü I am happy.

X Please explain me how to do this.
    ü Please explain to me how to do this.

X You cannot buy all what you like!
    ü You cannot buy all that you like!

Thank You J

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