Past Continuous - الماضي المستمر

Past Continuous

Ahmed: Hello, Adham! How are you?
Adham: I’m fine, Ahmed. What about you?
Ahmed: Not bad, I want to know what you were doing when I called you at 3 PM yesterday, and you didn’t pick up.
Adham: Sorry, I was just having my lunch.
Ahmed: But I called you at 6 PM as well!
Adham: Sorry my friend, I was having a shower. You know, while I was having a shower, the power went out.
Ahmed: Oops! This means that you were screaming when I called. Hahaha
Adham: Hahaha, not really! I was singing while I was waiting.

Today we are going to talk about the Past Continuous.
النهاردة هنتكلم عن الماضي المستمر.

From its name, we can say that the Past Continuous is used to describe an action in the past that was continuous.
من اسمه, نقدر نقول ان الماضي المستمر بيُستخدم عشان نوصف فعل في الماضي كان مستمر.

Now let’s analyze the dialogue.
دلوقتي يلا بينا نحلل الحوار.

Ahmed called Adham at 3 PM, and Adham was having lunch, so he was in the middle of eating; he started eating before 3 PM and continued eating after it. Because the action took place in the past and continued for a while, the Past Continuous is used, so if you want to say what you were doing at a certain time, use the Past Continuous.

أحمد اتصل بأدهم الساعة 3 وأدهم كان بيتغدى فدة معناة انه كان في وسط الأكل. يعني هو بدأ ياكل قبل الساعة 3 واستمر في الأكل لبعد 3. وعشان الفعل حصل في الماضي واستمر شوية, استخدمنا الماضي المستمر. يبقى لو عايز تقول انت كنت بتعمل ايه في وقت معين, استخدم الماضي المستمر.

As the timeline suggests, the action started in the past, continued for a while, and ended in the past.
زي ما الخط الزمني بيقول, الفعل بدأ في الماضي, استمر شوية, وانتهى في الماضي.

Moreover, Adham was having a shower, and then another action interrupted the continuous action; therefore, Adham said “While I was having a shower, the power went out.” This means that the action of having a shower was continuous and then another shorter action interrupted it.

بالإضافة إلى ذلك, أدهم كان بيستحمى وفعل تاني جيه قطع الفعل المستمر دة. عشان كدة أدهم قال
“While I was having a shower, the power went out.”
دة معناة ان الفعل بتاع الاستحمام كان مستمر وفعل تاني جيه قطعه.

Furthermore, Adham said “I was singing while I was waiting.” This means that he was doing two continuous actions at the same time.

كمان أدهم قال
“I was singing while I was waiting.”
ودة معناة ان هو كان بيعمل فعلين مستمرين في نفس الوقت.

                                               When VS While

When we talk about things in the past, “while” is usually followed by Past Continuous, whereas “when” is mostly followed by Past Simple.
لما بنتكلم على حاجة في الماضي, بنستخدم
بعدها الماضي المستمر
بعدها الماضي البسيط

Read the examples below
اقرأ الأمثلة اللي تحت

“I want to know what you were doing when I called you at 3 PM yesterday.”
While I was having a shower, the power went out.”

Now let’s see how we form the Past Continuous.
دلوقتي يلا بينا نشوف ازاي بنكون الماضي المستمر.

And this is how we ask questions using the Past Continuous.
ودة ازاي نسأل أسألة باستخدام الماضي المستمر.

Now it’s time for practice.
دلوقتي وقت التدريب.

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