Past Perfect Tense زمن الماضي التام

The Past Perfect Tense is used to express the idea that something occurred before another action in the past. It can also show that something happened before a specific point of  time in the past. 

 زمن الماضي التام بنستخدمه لما نحب نعبر عن حاجه حصلت قبل حدث في الماضي أو لما نحب نقول ان حاجه حصلت قبل وقت معين في الماضي . 

Let's take some examples :

When I got home, my dad had already cooked dinner. 
على ما روحت البيت كان بابا طبخ العشا 

I didn't want to go to the movies with my friends because I had seen the film already. 
مكنتش عايز أشوف الفيلم عشان كنت شفت الفيلم ده قبل كده 

I was very tired as I hadn't slept well for several days. 

انا كنت تعبان عشان كان بقالي كذا يوم منمتش كويس 

In the first example, we have two events; one of them occurred before the other. 

Event 1 
Dad had cooked dinner 

Event 2 
I went home 

The event that had occurred first is the Past Perfect, and the event that happened later is the Past Simple . 

الحدث اللي جه مع الماضي  التام هو الحدث اللي حصل الأول 
والحدث الثاني جه في الماضي البسيط 

خلينا ناخد امثلة تانية ..

The police arrived after the thief had escaped . 
البوليس وصل بعد ما الحرامي هرب .. يبقى ايه ال حصل الاول ؟
الحرامي هرب 
The thief had escaped. 
وبعد كده 
The police arrived

ازاي بنكوّن الماضي التام
How do we form The Past Perfect Tense ?

يبقا محتاجين بعد الفاعل نحط فعل To have  في الماضي اللي هوا had و بعد كده Past Participle . 

Like this example 

كنت لسه قاعد عشان اتغدى راح التليفون رن 

Event one is " I had just sat down"

Event two is " The telephone rang" 

Negative sentences in the past perfect

 NOT is added after had to form a negative sentence in the past perfect tense .

For example:
I had slept well 
I hadn't slept well 

 hadn't = Had not 

How to form interrogative sentences in Past Perfect

Interrogative sentences in the past perfect will look like this 


Had you slept well? 
Had she known ?

So, to form Yes/No question, we have to start the utterance with the auxiliary verb Had followed by the subject and the pp.
وعشان نكوّن سؤال من اللي بيتجاوب عليهم ب آه او لاء، لازم نبدأ جملتنا ب Had وبعدها الفاعل والتصريف التالت للفعل 
Wh Questions

What had she done before she left the party? 
When had I eaten ?

And to form Wh Questions, we have to start the utterance with a question word (what-when-where-who-how) followed by verb Had then subject+ the pp.
وعشان نكوّن اسئلة من النوع Wh لازم نبدأ سؤال بأي من كلمات السؤال زي  فين وامتى وازاي ومين ..الخ 
ووراهم ع طول نحط فعل Had والفاعل ثم التصريف التالت

Revision Time 

The meeting had started at 8  (action one- past perfect)
I arrived 8:15 (action two- past simple ) 

And to form Negative sentences....

Yes\No Questions

Wh Questions

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