Present Perfect

Present Perfect

Ahmed: Are you hungry, Adham?
Adham: No, I have just eaten two sandwiches.
Ahmed: I want to go to a Mexican restaurant. Would you like to come with me?
Adham: Not really, I have gone to Mexican restaurants several times, and I am fed up with them.
Ahmed: Have you tried the Mexican rice? I have heard that it is very delicious.
Adham: Yes, I have tried it. It is not bad.
Ahmed: OK, Adham! See you later!
Adham: Bye!

Today we are going to talk about the Present Perfect.
النهاردة هنتكلم عن المضارع التام.

The Present Perfect has two main usages: recent past and indefinite past.
المضارع التام له استخدامين أساسيين وهم ان حاجة تكون يدوبك لسة حاصلة ولها تأثير على الحاضر أو حاجة حصلت في الماضي بس في وقت غير محدد.

Now let’s get back to the dialogue.
تعالوا نرجع نشوف الحوار.
Ahmed asked Adham if he is hungry, but Adham said “No, I have just eaten two sandwiches.” This means that the action has happened in the recent past, so this action has an influence on the present—Adham is full. That is why the Present Perfect is used here.
أحمد سأل أدهم إذا كان جعان, بس أدهم رد وقال "لا, أنا لسة واكل ساندوتشين." دة معناة ان الفعل لسة حاصل في الماضي القريب وان الفعل دة له تأثير على الحاضر, ودة باين عشان أدهم شبعان دلوقتي. عشان كدة تم استخدام المضارع التام هنا.

Before we move to the second usage of the Present Perfect, let’s see how we form it.
قبل ما نروح للاستخدام التاني للمضارع التام, تعالوا نشوف بنكونه ازاي.

Subject + Have/Has + Past Participle
A participle is a word formed from a verb that can be used as an adjective.
  كلمة بتتكون من فعل وممكن تُستخدم كصفة.participleال
There are two types of participles: The present participle (ending ing) and the past participle (usually ending –d, –ed, --t, --n, or –en).
 وهم المضارع اللي بينتهي بparticiplesفيه نوعين من ال
والماضي اللي بينتهي في أغلب الأحوال ب
(--d, --ed, --t, --n, or –en)

Again, the form of the Present Perfect is
تاني, الشكل بتاع المضارع التام هو

Subject + Have/Has + Past Participle



I have eaten.
You have eaten.

We have eaten.

They have eaten.
I have not eaten.
You have not eaten.
We have not eaten.
They have not eaten.
Have I eaten?
Have you eaten?

Have we eaten?

Have they eaten?


He has eaten.

She has eaten.

It has eaten.
He has not eaten.
She has not eaten.
It has not eaten.
Has he eaten?

Has she eaten?

Has it eaten?
The second usage of the Present Perfect is when the action has happened in an indefinite past, that is to say the time is unknown.
الاستخدام التاني للمضارع التام بيكون لما الفعل يكون حصل في الماضي لكن مش عارفين امتى بالضبط, يعني الوقت مش معروف.

In the dialogue above, Adham told Ahmed “I have gone to Mexican restaurants several times.” This means that Adham is focusing on the action itself, that he has gone to Mexican restaurants, rather than the time. That is why the Present Perfect is used.
في الحوار اللي فوق, أدهم قال لأحمد "أنا روحت مطاعم مكسيكية كذا مرة." دة معناة ان أدهم هنا مركز على الفعل نفسه اللي هو راح مطاعم مكسيكية بدل ما يركز على الوقت. عشان كدة تم استخدام المضارع التام.

Now, it's time for practice. Do this quiz ;)
;) دلوقتي وقت التدريب. يلا اعمل الاختبار دة

Thank You J

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